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Velas Resorts attending 2014 KOTFA

At Velas Resorts our goal is to stay abreast of the latest trends in the tourism industry, which is why we will be attending the 2014 Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) in South Korea at the end of this month. Held from May 26th to June 7th the two week-long conference is an incredible opportunity to exchange views on the latest tendencies in international travel.

KOTFA is the perfect platform to present all of the tourism attractions Mexico has to offer. The prospect of sharing information about our sublime destinations with the other side of the world represents an amazing opportunity for the improvement of the country’s public relations. AsVelas Resorts, we are very pleased to be part of such positive change.

Velas Resorts CEO Eduardo Vela Ruiz encourages the presence of the brand in Asia, assuring that the introduction of Mexico to the right market will result in a new flow of visitors attracted by the country’s outstanding characteristics.